The Shitty $60 Closet Organizer Standing Desk

Sitting all day can put a lot of strain on your body and there are numerous studies showing the negative affects on the body. I have also heard of studies claiming the opposite and claiming that standing can causing stress to your legs and is worst than sitting. This reminds me of a skit from the show Portland where a couple reads endless series of conflicting studies and end up dying from confusion. My solution is to alternate between sitting and standing all day.

What every web designer can learn from Project Runway

With years of being subjected to crappy and/or “girly” television shows, due to my wife holding the remote with more gusto than I do, I have learned to actually enjoy some of the shows that I would otherwise never watch. One of the shows I have learned to appreciate is Project Runway – a Lifetime reality show that chronicles 16 designers with “a passion for fashion”, all of whom are competing to win the grand prize. Coming from a web design/development background, I found myself easily relating to all the fashion designers battling it out on the show. Creating something from nothing is a common “thread” between both fields and they share similar processes and pitfalls.

You are never too old to build forts

I have always wanted to build some sort of fort at Kezar but have never gotten around to doing do since most of my time is spent lazing around the lake. The show Treehouse Masters did get me jazzed to build something on the land this year. Initially, I wanted to build a treehouse but researching treehouse construction and the costs, I decided I needed a lower budget alternative. Having a wall tent from lively out west, I figured to have a nice cost efficient solution until I could build something more substation. For those who don’t know a wall tent is a large canvas tent with a wood stove inside. So I set out to build a platform that it could sit on top and be level and dry.